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Our Beautiful Practice!
Dr. Cheryl MacDonald, MD and her out-standing team provide the Midwest's best aesthetic medical results and value. Bellissima specializes in cosmetic injectables (Artefill®, BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®), eyelash enhan-cement by LATISSE®, laser body sculpting with our Lipotherme™ program, laser hair red- uction, laser vein treatment, weight loss, and skin care. Whatever your aging or appearance concern, we can help.
"I can't believe I took so long to request a free consultation. Dr. MacDonald is an anti-aging   miracle worker!"
-- J.P. // Saint Joseph, MI
"Receiving the Liptherme™ procedure was the smartest thing I have ever done. I struggled for years to lose my tummy and Lipotherme™ got rid of it in a few hours. Everything they said was true. I was awake during the procedure on a Friday and back to work on Monday."
--  E.J. // Saint Joseph, MI